Secret to Winning at Slot Machines


A) RNG=Random Number Generator in slots.
B) Determine your total gambling bankroll before going to the casino.
C) Tight slots have fewer paying symbols (Avoid these).
D) Read all information on all slot machines.
E) Loose slots have more paying symbols (Safe play).
F) Don’t hit the first machine you see.
G) Never stay too long at any one machine.
H) Observe types of slots. Basic, progressive or bonus video versions.

Winning slots are YOUR best friend. Some folks believe that there’s no such thing as real winning at online slot machines, and that the online casinos have set them up to never pay out anything. While this is obviously not true, it’s possible to have a tough time is the machine you’re playing is not returning much. Then simply walking away – go find another one.


1) Basic slot machines have a top jackpot that never change..
2) Always play maximum coins on basic slots.
3) Two coin maximum slot machines to test the waters.
4) Be a hit & run winner: 3-5 spins for a return.
5) Never play slot machines side by side: one will be loose, the other NO.
6) Single payline basic best: no multiple lines.
7) Look for Double symbol that will double your slot jackpot on a winning combination.

All Slots can easily be set by the casino operators to generate whatever payout they decide. They may set it to 98%. So for every 100 dollars bet, the slot machine will, on average, pay out 98 dollars. Always be careful this is an average over time, not per playing session!


i) Lower payback %’s than basics, low as 80%.
ii) Always play maximum coins on progressive slot machines.
i ii) Verify all the primary and secondary jackpots on progressive slot machines.

The very best way to find the winning slots machines in a land based casino is to ask the staff. Do it carefully. Sometime they’ll point out which slots are set to the highest payout. Be aware, though, that these are the most sought-after slot machines on the floor and will be occupied by die-hard slot machine players!


I) The main goal of bonus slot machines is to get to a second chance bonus round and/or screen where the real gambling money is.
II) They have frequent payouts, usually every 2-3 spins.
III) Do not play bonus slot machines at maximum coins all the time; unlike basic and progressives slots.
IV) Look for familiar names like: Piggy Bankin’, Elvis, Monopoly, Reel `Em In & Let’s Make a Deal. Five, 9 or as high as 20 paylines.
V) Novice players should start off with penny denominations rather than max. coins.
VI) Aggressive slot machine players should look for bonus slots that are abandoned with a bonus that is near completion.

These are the basics of Winning Slot Machines…good slot tips don’t you agree?

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