Slot Machine: Wheel Of Fortune

Playing wheel of fortune slot machines is really easy. You decide how many credits or coins or tokens you want to play and then push the spin button. The typical online slot machine has a 3 x 3 grid but the Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine has a 5 x 3 grid, or a 5 reel video slot machine system. Most online slot machine games only let you win when winning combination symbols line up horizontally. Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machines online allows vertical and diagonal winning combinations.

How to Play Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine Game Online:

i) Select maximum “coins per line” using increase or decrease button.
ii) Select your pay lines using lines button (see image below..).
iii) You can win the jackpot only on maximum bet and maximum payline combination.
iv) Click on Paytable for payoffs ;).
v) Click on Spin once.
vi) Add more funds using the Cashier button.
vii) Click the Exit button to end the game.

Types of Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine Games

There are Basically 2 Types of Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine Games to Play.

A. Straight Online Slot Machines

Here, the straight online slot machine game, pays winning combinations according to the schedule listed on the slot machine game itself. For example, one fruit may pay two coins for each one put in, two fruits may pay five coins and three fruits 10 coins. Your call…

B. Progressive Online Slot Machines

The second type of online slot machine games are called progressive slots. They have standard set of payoffs listed on the slot machine itself, but also a big jackpot which progressively gets larger and larger as every coin is put in. The online jackpot total is posted on the online slot machine and can grow to huge sums of money. Many gamblers consider this type to be the best online slot machine. Play the online Wheels of Fortune Slot Machine game as it is a progressive online slot machine where you can win a very big jackpot.

Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine Strategy

Basically there is one slot machine tip that applies to almost all casino games, and certainly is true at Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machines: never ever leave a winning machine to test out another slot machine.

When playing an online Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine game that is hot and paying off for you, stick with and don’t leave it! That’s the best Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine strategy there is. It’s as simple as that! When you’ve got a good one, play it forever. That means you found one with a high payback return; a so called loose slot machine.

Always remember, as long as you keep winning, DO NOT change it with another unproven Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine; that’s bad slot machine strategy. However, should lady luck take a walk, leave the slot machine as a winner. When play Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machines and you hit a good jackpot, make sure you set your stop-loss limit, so you can walk away from a slot machine as a winner.

Interesting Information about Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine

Based on one of the most popular T.V. game shows ever, Wheel of Fortune slots were a hit the minute they came out. In recent times, the slot machine’s manufacturer, IGT has clearly sought to up the ante by launching several versions of the Wheel of Fortune one-armed bandits.

The new video slot featuring actual clips of TV show hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White guide players through the action of the game. The new version has upgraded graphics and enhanced stereo sound but there’s nothing more than just an ordinary Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine under the hood. The slots are five-reel, fifteen-line games allowing bets of up to 75 coins per spin.

To start, this new video Wheel of Fortune slots will also introduce new bonus round-features, with the Triple Action wheel of fortune slot. On the regular slot machines, if you get a bonus round, you get to spin the wheel and whatever your bet was is multiplied by whatever slot your wheel landed on (i.e.: Five times bet, 10 times bet, etc.). But with the new features, gamblers have a chance to solve actual word puzzles associated with red, yellow, and blue pointers above the wheel.

The last bonus round feature is the Money Spin. When you spin the wheel, you might get a bonus amount and go on your merry as usual. Or, you might get a bonus amount and second spin of the wheel to add to your slot machine winnings. And if you’re really really lucky, you’ll get that bonus amount and launch a completely separate version of the video wheel of fortune slot game featuring six reels, four rows, and 20 pay lines, allowing you to really geta chance to win big.

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