Slots Terms: Gambling Terminology

Some of the most common slot machines terminology used in the slot business are helpful to know, so that you can learn more about the online slots and how to maximize your potential of actually winning a big slot jackpot.

Here are the most common Slots Terms:

Bonus Feature – Some slot machine offer a second round where you can win additional coins. A bonus feature can include a second screen, free spins & more.

Carousel – a group of slot machines.

Coin Size – This is the size of each bet. You can play more than one coin per spin.

Coins per spin – This is the amount of coins that you can play for each spin.

Credit Meter – When the player slides a bill into the coin acceptor, the credit meter will record the number of tokens the bill represents. For example, a $20 bill will record 80 credits on the credit meter of a quarter slot machine.

Electronic Gaming Machines – This term includes all coin operated casino games such as slots, video poker, flip it games, horse racing games, and all other coin operated electronic games.

Fill – When hoppers run out of coins, they fill it, hence the slot term, fill. A slots attendant gets a bag of coins from the teller and refills the empty hopper.

Hit Rate / Hit Frequency – The average distance between winning spins and non winning spins. High hit rate equalls more regular winning spins.

Hold – This is the percentage of coins played that are kept by the slot, the house profit. In the average case, it is between 3% to 15%.

Hopper – This is the place where the coins are held in the machine. Often hoppers are filled to capacity by slots players, so they can become empty (see tilt), and they can be ready to hop by filling to capacity. When this happens, the overflow of coins drops into a bucket underneath the hopper. This is the portion of profit the casino takes.

Hopper Fill – When there are not enough tokens in the hopper to service the player, a hopper fill is required. Casino personell open the slot machine and fill the hopper with tokens, usually stored in a cabinet underneath the slot machine itself.

Loose Slot – This refers to any slot machine that is paying off. It is “loose” with its money. Also known as a “hot” machine. The opposite of a tight slot.

Low Level – Slot machines you can sit at to play.

Max Coins – This is the amount of coins that you can play for each spin.

Max Bet or Maximum Bet – The maximum amount of coins or credits that can be played per spin. Recommended whil playing progressives.

Multi-line – A slot machine with more than one pay line. Slot machines may have several pay lines.

Payback Percentage – This is the percentage of money bet on a machine that is returned to the players over time. If a machine is is set at the factory to pay back, say 86%, it will pay that percentage back to the players over several hundred thousand pulls.

Progressive Jackpot – A top prize which grows while people play, giving much larger possible prizes. Progressive slots have Progressive Jackpots.

Progressive Meter – This is a large electronic display placed above the linked progressive machine that displays the amount of the progressive jackpot.

Pay cycle – A pay cycle is simply a period of time after which the slots, after having inserted a predetermined number of coins, start to pay out coins. This cycle is programmed into the slots software to meet the minimum payout schedule as per State law.

Pay-line – The line or lines on which the symbols must line up to score a win.

Pay Table – The listing of available winning combinations on a slot machine.

Pay for Play Machines – These are generally one-two-three coins option slot machines with staggered payoffs. The more coins you put the better the payoffs.

Pull -The casino considers one spin of the reel to equal one handle pull.

Random Number Generator – This function of the central processor unit of a slot machine mother board produces a random number used by the slot machine software to “seed” the program that decides where the reels stop.

Reels – The rotating part of a slot machine, symbols on the reels.

Slot Club Member – Slot clubs were invented for slot fanatics. By becoming a member you are given a card (like a credit card). Using your card while playing the slots (also table games in some casinos) helps you earn free points / cash. The rules, number of points needed to achieve regular club status, and the benefits given to the player are different at every casino.

Stand Up – Slot machines where you play standing up.

Stops – Also known as symbols. These are the images of fruits or bars or even blanks where the reels stop.

Static – The amount of the jackpot is set and doesn’t change. No matter how many coins have been deposited, the jackpot will be the same. These machines payout more frequently than the Stud jackpots, but with smaller amounts.

Stud – The amount of the jackpot is set at a base amount and increases with each coin that is inserted. Sometimes the potential jackpot is limited to a maximum at which point it converts to static and sometimes the sky is the limit! It depends on the machine.

Symbols – These are the graphics, pictures, images, icons or symbols that one sees on the reels. They can be cherries, lemons, bars, oranges – many combinations. Today, there are so many symbols that are made from slots software.

Take cycle – The opposite of the pay cycle. If you believe in the pay/take theory, then you might be inclined to assume that a pay cycle is followed by a take cycle, whereby you may get the odd small return.

Tilt – Slots machines tilt because they have run out of coins. It happens from coins that get jammed in the slots mechanics. The slots stops playing and a bright light flashes. When this happens, please alert the slots attendant.

Tight Slot – This is a machine that is “tight” with its money, it is not paying off too much. Also known as a “cold” machine. The opposite of a loose slot.

Top Prize – The top payout, in coins on non progressive slots, playing max coins.

Winning Combinations – The amount of possible winning outcomes.

Wild Symbol – Like a joker will count as any other symbol.

Wild Multiplier – A wild symbol that also multiplies your win.

Window – This is the glass cover behind which the reels spin. The pay line is usually painted across this window.

You now know the Slots Terms. Do you feel more confident?

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