Strategy for Winning at Slot Machines

Whether your Slot Machine Strategy is to pick one machine and stick with it forever or to move around frequently, you can do either at an online site. Test your Slot Machine Strategy and see how it works online!

What do you think is the best slot machine strategy we can possibly give you? Well, for starters you must always know the slot machine you are playing: the coins, payouts, and payback.

Be careful to look at the payouts for the online slot machine you are using. Make sure you get the money you are entitled to. Always remember, if you win big a land based casino attendant will pay you. If this should happen stay exactly where you are! Wait for the attendant to come around.

Best Slot Machine Strategy: Can The Machines be Beaten?

Simply stated, Yes and no. Is there a simple strategy to always beat the Online Slots? No. If you are a complete novice to Online Slot Machines, don’t be fooled by anyone into thinking that you can learn a technique to consistently beat them. But following a set of rules you can dramatically increase your chances of regular Slot Machine wins.

By law, all Slots must pay back a certain percentage of what they take in. It varies from as low as around 70% for Fruit Machines in the UK, to as high as 98% in Las Vegas and Online. Machines with high percentage payout are known as “loose” and identifying and playing the loosest machines is important.

Simply stated, the loose machine mean longer play sessions, more wins and hence greatly improving your chances of winning the Jackpot! Great Slot Machine Tips and Strategy.

Do not forget to seek out the comps. One of the best online Slot Machine Strategy options has got to be to give yourself as much on your existing budget as possible. Most online and land based casinos give out comp cards that will give you back cash or coins based on the amount of money you bet over time, always take advantage of it.

Probably the funniest of our slot machine strategies is that you must ensure that you hit the ‘cash out’ button before you walk away from the land based slot machine you are playing. It’s incredible the number of players who forget to cashout, leaving their hard earned winnings for some ‘lucky gambler‘ to come along and claim them!

What is your Slot Machine Strategy?

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