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Definition of Slot Progressive Jackpot: A top prize which grows while people play, giving much larger possible prizes. Progressive slots have Slot Progressive Jackpots.

A few words here should be spent on the subject of Slot Machine Jackpots. Closely related to the different types of slot machines, there are basically 2 different Slot Jackpot types:

Regular Slot Machine Jackpots:

Normal slot machines pay-out certain amounts of slot credits depending on which symbols align themselves on the payline (See the image below for an example of payout tables). The amount of your winnings is listed for each combination on the pay table that accompanies each slot machine.

Progressive Slot Machine Jackpots:

Progressive slot machines terms (Slot Jackpot) have an extra treat in store for the player: a constant ticker that counts up, raising the jackpot with every play. This special Slot Machine Jackpot is hit at random by a lucky gamer, and often results in the largest of all the possible jackpots in a casino!

That’s where you want to play!

Many Online Casinos show jackpots available online right now. They are updated constantly, and you can compare jackpots available and select the jackpot you want. That was a heck of a slot tip.

But always remember: There is no big secret or winning the jackpot for any type of slot machines. Every spin is random and you can in no way effect that.

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