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One of the reasons to play slots online is because they are usually much looser than their land based casino counterparts. In the United States of America, 13 states have land based casinos. It’s easy to find Loose Slot Machines online. You can do a Slot Jackpot. EASY!

State: Slots Payouts – Nevada casino slot machines 94.55% – Colorado casino slot machines 94.39% – Illinois casino slot machines 94.97% – Iowa casino casino slot machines 93.41% – Indiana casino slot machines 94.29% Connecticut casino slot machines 92.91% New Jersey casino slot machines 93.63% USA Average slot machine payout 92.32%.

Loose Slot Machines? Online slot machines payout is a staggering 98.7% ! And they now have progressive jackpots!

Most casinos also have their books and software reviewed and post the results of those reviews on their sites. Simply look for them when visiting an online casino website. Payout percentages vary from casino to casino, and also month to month at the same casino. We prefer to play at places where the slots are paying 97% or better. About you? Still want to play Land Based Slots? Can you find Loose Slot Machines easily? Make sure they are not crooked!

It’s a widely held belief that the slots are the worst things to play in a casino. This doesn’t take into account 2 things: first, that playing slots may be lots of fun, and second, that making bad bets at the craps or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot (online or land based). Actually, the odds you get when playing slot machines are similar to those for american roulette.

Statistically speaking, the slot machine odds are the same for every spin and every spin is completely random and independent of all past spins. Therefore there i’s no way to predict the next spin and a jackpot is just as likely to be hit right after the last one was hit as it is after a thousand dry spins.

Find the Loose Slot Machines!

There are a number of points to take into consideration and these are the most common places and reasons for finding Loose Slot Machines – here are a few Slot Machine Tips :

  • High payoff slot machines that are visible from nearly any angle from the gaming floor also motivate other players to put more money into their machines.
  • Crosswalks. These are areas that players must walk through to get to other slot machines. The casinos want slot players to witness frequent jackpot payouts.
  • Free-standing kiosks within the main area – nearly all casinos sublet space to the manufacturers of slot machines.
  • Near the change booths – casino operators want other slot machine players who are waiting in line to receive their change to hear the sounds of players jackpots.
  • Near the coffee shop or bar – casino managers frequently place their best Loose Slot Machines in these locations to motivate players to eat quickly and get back to the gaming floor.
  • Use a well define Slot Machine Strategy – that will help you make more money

Find your Loose Slot Machine and hit the jackpot!

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