Beat the Slot Machine: Is it really possible?

Are there any secure methods for beating the slot machines? Can you really Beat the Slot Machines? It’s a question that so many people have sought to find an answer for.

If there is one: it won’t make you rich, but beating the slot machines at certain types of slots is probably possible. Beating the slot machines and walking away with a few extra dollars always makes me feel better than losing.

The type of slot machines that can be maybe be beaten are slots that let the players build progress toward a bonus payout as they play. For example ata slot game called Fort Knox, every reel spin triggers a meter selecting a random digit. If the random digit matches the next digit of a 10 digit code, the player advances one step toward breaking the code and beating the slot machine. Once all 10 digits are cracked the bonus is paid.

So how can you beat the slot machines?

Are land casinos loosing money on those bonus games? No. The casino still has end overall edge even you beat the slot machine from time to time. The money you earn by seeking out those partially filled bonuses is taken away from the players that abandoned the slot machines before the bonus was paid. The edge over the casino, where you can beat it, only exists if you start playing a slot machine with a partial bonus and move on once the bonus is paid.

We do not have the winning formula. Here is what you have to find out for yourself to be able to beat the slot machine:

  • How to handle bankrolls.
  • Machines to play and machines to avoid.
  • Scoping machines for the best odds.
  • How the machines work. (In case you don’t know)
  • How to play progressives.
  • The method of playing and winning at Slots.
  • Playing the lines, from 5 to 20, and what to bet.
  • Applying the method to penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, and 5-dollar slots.
  • How to (Legally) avoid paying taxes on your winnings.
  • How to get free rooms and meals…without being a high-roller.
  • How to get cash-back from the casinos.

Good money management is probably your best bet in trying to Beat the Slot Machines however make sure you’re not playing at crooked slots (not an online casino problem). Slot machine game play is so random and there is really no way of predicting whether you’ll win or lose big, or even break even. So your best bet definitely lies with managing your playing stake to make the gambling fun last as long as possible hoping to beat the slot machine.

Some people buy books and claim they win consistently by choosing winning slot machines. They don’t have a “system”, but rather a “method” that produces a profit when playing slot machines. Go o a local library and find out for yourself how to beat the slot machine. Later I will show more ways to win by listing some slot machine tips for your to follow…

This site has lots of information that you can use but again there is NO sure-fire method for beating the slot machines.

If you find one, let us know … if you do try to avoid paying income taxes on your winnings, good luck!

2 thoughts on “Beat the Slot Machine: Is it really possible?”

  1. The concept of playing on online slot machines is pretty simple and anyone can easily understand it which is the reason individuals are attracted towards this game and want to spend a time and cash on the online slot machines in the casino web sites. Another fascinating truth regarding this online coin machine is that the jackpot amounts in this game consistently very high and in case you win it then it can change your life completely.

  2. Don’t forget to check the minimum numbers of coin supported by the slot machine. You must also find out the denomination of these coins on the machine. The concept of coins is very important in order to enjoy a successful gaming experience. Make sure that you wager the maximum so that you can activate all the possible pay lines. It indicates that you have pick the right game for you that will allow you to generate great earning while playing slots online.

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